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SniperWriters Hiring Process

We meticulously choose our writers, and the detailed process is outlined below.

1. Registration

Only 62,77% of registered applicants move to next step

We gather applicants’ personal information, highlighting their professional skills and writing expertise.

2. Test Writing

Only 35.2% of applicants pass test

The next step involves taking an English proficiency test. The time limit of just 30 minutes adds a significant challenge for most writers. However, this rigorous process allows us to select the very best candidates for the next stage.

3. Essay Testing

10% of applicants pass Essay writing

Another crucial phase involves showcasing essay-writing proficiency. Each candidate is tasked with composing a sample essay on a given topic within a 30-minute time frame. It’s vital to note that candidates are not aware of the essay topic in advance, ensuring they do not have the chance to prepare beforehand.

4. Documents verifications

7.87% of applicants pass verification and became verified writers on platform

To verify qualifications, we request a copy of the applicant’s diploma as evidence of higher education, along with a copy of their ID. Our HR Manager carefully reviews the applications to determine if the applicant meets our criteria. Upon approval, a dedicated mentor provides guidance, reviews the writer’s initial five papers, and administers a final exam based on academic writing standards.

Only the most exceptional individuals successfully complete the process and attain verified status as writers on our platform.
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