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We offer fair terms and conditions, along with competitive compensation for your work. Our user-friendly control panel is specifically designed to facilitate seamless communication between writers and clients.

Our business model distinguishes us from other companies. Typically, our competitors take a 75% cut from what the customer pays for a job. In contrast, we prioritize a pricing policy that favors writers over suppliers. We charge less because we view ourselves as intermediaries, connecting you with the client who provided the job, such as an essay sample.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our partnership is both enjoyable and convenient for you. However, we uphold high standards and only accept work of exceptional quality.


SniperWriters.com stands out as one of the finest freelance writing companies online. Since you’ve chosen writing from among countless other professions, we’re eager to help you harness your writing prowess. Join our expansive community and earn as much as you desire.

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Our requirements

Our service assures customers of 100% original content. We highly value the skill to paraphrase accurately and generate unique ideas.

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If you hold a bachelor’s degree or possess expertise in any of the listed fields, don’t hesitate to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both registration and membership come at no cost whatsoever. You will never be required to make any payments to us.

The quiz doesn’t have a designated score, as its purpose is to emphasize important points rather than test your knowledge. We strongly advise reviewing the tutorial thoroughly, as it outlines the key aspects we expect our writers to be aware of and adhere to.

Declining to abide by this would breach our Terms and Conditions and jeopardize any potential future collaboration with you.

Engaging in academic writing services is ethical, and our operations are entirely legal. We don’t involve ourselves in writing and selling papers directly to students. Instead, our services cater to individuals seeking to save time and delve deep into research for their scholarly endeavors.

The papers you compose for our website’s clients are intended solely as exemplary instances of top-notch writing. This means the company maintains copyright and all other rights to utilize the product.

If you have any uncertainties, feel free to reach out to our Writer Support Team via live chat, email, or phone, 24/7, to confirm our legitimacy. Additionally, you can review our Terms and Conditions page to ensure that we operate with transparency and integrity, and have no intentions of deceiving you.

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